Monster Hunter 2 Dos PSP Connection Bonuses

In Monster Hunter 2 Dos you have the option of connecting to a Playstation Portable, running a copy of Monster Hunter Portable. Doing so unlocks exclusive bonuses in both games. I’ve created codes that unlock all of the PSP Connection bonuses for Monster Hunter 2, which work on both emulator and original hardware. These codes unlock the bonuses in the same way making a PSP Connection would. They make changes to your save file as if you had made a PSP Connection.

Even if you do own a PSP, making the connection with an emulator is currently impossible. These codes make the extras available to all players, regardless of how they play the game. The bonuses unlocked are:

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To download the codes appropriate to your system, click one of the following buttons:

Using the PNACH file with PCSX2

To unlock the bonuses with PCSX2, download the PNACH file and place it in your PCSX2 cheats folder. Start your game, load a save, and enable cheats. Once enabled, save your game. The bonuses will now be saved to your Memory Card. You may now disable cheats and delete the cheat file if you wish.

Using the CHT file with Open PS2 Loader or PS2RD

To unlock the bonuses with original hardware running Open PS2 Loader, download the CHT file and copy it to your OPL/CHT folder on your PS2 using ulaunchelf or similar software. In OPL, enable the PS2RD Cheat Engine and set the mode to “Auto Select Cheats”. Start your game and load a save, then save your game. The bonuses will now be saved to your Memory Card. You may now disable cheats and delete the cheat file if you wish.

Unlocking High Rank-exclusive items

To unlock the High Rank-exclusive items, once you have access to the Elder Hall, re-enable the cheat file and save your game. Once saved, you may disable the cheats and delete the cheat file if you wish.



I don’t have the Yian Garuga Quest, why is that?

The Yian Garuga Quest is only given out by the Rival Hunter. If the Rival Hunter has not yet arrived at your village, please continue to progress your game until he does.

The Quest is also only available as a blue request bubble from the Rival Hunter. Once you’ve attempted the Quest, you must wait until he has another request for you, and that the request is for the Yian Garuga Quest, before you are able to attempt it again.

I don’t see the Loving Sakura Symbol Color, why is that?

The Loving Sakura Symbol Color will be unlocked in your save, but will only visible once you’ve reached High Rank and have been granted the ability to change your Symbol Color by the Grand Elder. Until then, it will wait patiently in the background.

I don’t see the High Rank-exclusive forgable items, why is that?

The High Rank-exclusive forge items are only available once you’ve reached High Rank and have been granted access to the Elder Hall. Once you’re able to access the Elder Hall, re-enable the code and save your game. You can now disable the code once more.

Can I unlock the Flawless Rainbow Symbol Color after using these codes?

Yes. As long as Loving Sakura is not the last Symbol Color you require, it will count toward unlocking Flawless Rainbow. Flawless Rainbow will be automatically unlocked after you have completed your 11th Symbol Color.

Do these codes expand the Peddling Granny’s inventory?

No. A PSP Connection does expand the Peddling Granny’s inventory for one visit, but it follows a complex rotation that changes each time you make a connection. It is not currently possible to simulate these using a code. However, though helpful, none of the items in the Peddling Granny’s expanded inventory are exclusive to her store.

Do these codes work with an unpached copy of the game?

Yes. You can use these codes with an original Japanese copy of Monster Hunter 2. They are compatible with all versions of the game, patched or unpached.

If I use this, will it prevent me from playing online later?

Using this patch will not prevent you from playing online.