Monster Hunter 2 Dos English Patch

This is the homepage of the 「BREAK ARTS」 Monster Hunter 2 Dos English patch. Released in 2006, Monster Hunter 2 is a sequel to the first game released on the Playstation 2. It never saw a release on western shores.

Now, for the first time, Monster Hunter 2 Dos is able to be played entirely in English.

Our goal for the project was to create a retail-quality patch that is faithful to the series and its fans. A great deal of love and care was put into the reverse engineering and localisation to preserve the original Monster Hunter 2 Dos experience. There is no other Monster Hunter like Dos, and we hope you can now enjoy exploring this unique and ambitious game as much as we do.

Support Us

The project took us over 850 hours of work spanning over 6 months. If you enjoy the project and want to show your support for the team and any future projects we work on, donations are always appreciated. This translation was entirely a fan effort and we were not paid or compensated to create it.


The latest version is v1.02. To download the patch, click here:

Video and Screenshots


What does this patch change?

This patch translates all text in the game to English, including all NPC dialogue, Quests descriptions, tutorials, UI textures, items, equipment descriptions, menus, options, and everything else - even proprietary network errors for dial-up connections. When we say everything is translated, we mean everything.

This patch provides an original, unchanged Monster Hunter 2 experience. It does not change the control scheme, change game mechanics, or modify any weapons, items, or Quests.

How do I apply the patch?

Please note that this patch does not include the game itself. First, you must obtain a legitimate and unmodified copy of Monster Hunter 2 Dos and create an ISO image of it with your preferred disc copying tool. It must then match the following checksums:

      MD5:   2cff8ae6975e12858314567dbf888228
      SHA-1: aa53a5244214f933cf7c2607573c69b8c6f18b8f

Once you have your verified image, apply the patch using your favourite Xdelta3 patching tool. If you use Windows, you can use a tool like Delta Patcher to patch your game image. Linux and Mac users should download Xdelta3 using their operating system’s package manager, and apply the patch using the command line like so:

      xdelta3 -d -s path/to/mh2_jp.iso path/to/patch.xdelta path/to/mh2_eng.iso

Xdelta3 failed to patch my game. What should I do?

If Xdelta3 reports a checksum mismatch, you do not have a clean copy of the Monster Hunter 2 disc image. The patch can only be applied to a copy of the game that matches the above checksums, it can not be applied to an ISO with any modifications already made to it. Create a new ISO of your game and try again.

Does this work with all versions of Monster Hunter 2?

Yes, this patch can be applied to any original, unmodified version of Monster Hunter 2. Capcom has released Monster Hunter 2 in the following editions:

      Monster Hunter 2                              Product ID: SLPM-66280
      Monster Hunter 2 (DX Hunters Box)             Capcom ID:  CPCS-01020
      Monster Hunter 2 (PlayStation 2 the Best)     Product ID: SLPM-74245

All editions contain the same data on their disc. (See: Redump Database)

Does this patch work on original PS2 hardware?

Yes. This patch is 100% compatible with original PS2 hardware. Once the patch has been applied to an ISO, the game can be played on original hardware using your prefered method of playing backed up games.

Does this patch work on mobile devices?

While the patch may work on mobile devices, it has only been tested on original hardware and PS2 software emulation on PCs.

Can I play online with this patch?

While this patch does translate all online content, the official servers are no longer online. However, exceptional work is being done by a dedicated group of fans to recreate the online experience, and their server is currently in beta. The patch was thouroughly tested by multiple testers through their online beta server during development. Once the servers are public, you can expect the same level of polish online that you experience offline. No additional patching will be required to play online when the server launches.

To follow their server development progress, visit the MHOldschool Discord server by clicking here.

My Quick Chat messages and Equipment Sets are still in Japanese. Is this a bug?

No, this is not a bug.

Both Quick Chat messages and default Equipment Sets are translated. However, they will only appear translated in your game if you start a new game on a Memory Card that does not have preexisting Monster Hunter 2 save data. If you have started a game with an unpatched or partially patched copy of the game, your messages will not be localised.

This is because they are saved to your Memory Card the moment you create game data, and are then loaded from your Memory Card when you load any subsequent game.

Is this patch based on anyone’s previous work?

No. This project was made completely from scratch. All the reverse engineering and translations are our original work and are not based on another person’s project.

How was the patch made?

If you would like to see what sort of work went into making the patch, I have a write up on the blog.